How to Create a Book a Book That Will Make You Money

Because of the popularity of ebooks today, there are steps you need to take to properly create a book if you want your ebook to sell. In the digital publishing world, ebooks have revolutionized the way we read content. For online marketers who have produced PDF ebooks for years, this comes as no big surprise. Today, you can promote your ebook through various channels including traditional PDF, or through digital ebooks like Kindle or other online book merchant sites.

If you want to stand out from (and blow away!) the competition, here are ten tips that are vital to helping you create a book that will make your money:

1. Know your audience: Those who write books for entertainment purposes have a niche audience in mind. When writing an informational style book, you should also have a target audience in mind. When writing your content, write directly to the audience in order to ensure your book will be of value to the people who are the focal point of your content.

2. Proper formatting is key: Good reviews equal more sales, and poor formatting is the quickest way to get negative book reviews. A great Kindle book marketing strategy to get better reviews is to ensure that the book content looks good and flows well when formatted for the Kindle publication platform. A well-developed table of contents is step one. From there you have to make the content flow uniformly, and everything should look cohesive. This should be at the forefront of your writing as you name each chapter.

3. Professional editing will help you sell: Editing your own content is difficult, as you might imagine. Therefore you should find one if not two or more people to help you in the editing process. You can have one individual edit grammar, another help with fact-checking, and another to help with sequencing. Sites like,, and are great places to find editors to help you for a reasonable rate.

4. Professional cover design will convey your message: Cover art will sell books. Because it is the first impression buyers have of your book, the cover has to stand out. If it looks cheap or homemade, any Kindle book marketing efforts you put forth probably won’t be very effective. The cover art should look just as good as those books you see in high-end bookstores. As the author, you probably don’t aren’t talented in design and artwork, but can outsource the work for reasonable prices.

5. Create a dedicated sales page or book website: Even if it is sold through Amazon, a dedicated sales page on your site or a separate site for your book will help you spread the word about your new book. Rather than have your own checkout page, however, you can link your sales page directly to Amazon for purchases.

6. Create an outstanding author’s page: Make sure your Amazon Author Central page really stands out. Include a professional headshot and develop an interesting bio to add to your page. If you have a blog, you should add your blog feed, as well.

7. Book descriptions will help you sell: A description gives the reader a synopsis of what your book is about. It should describe why you are the perfect writer for the content and why people should read it. You can currently include 4000 characters on Amazon, so use your space well.

8. Utilize your resources: If you choose to enroll in KDP Select, Amazon offers two different marketing functions. You can offer the Kindle version of your book for free for 5 days every quarter or offer a countdown deal for the sale of your book. Both options will lead to more downloads of your book.

9; Build up anticipation: Begin the Kindle book marketing process prior to completing the written book. Include content teasers like what’s going to be in the book or an outline to get your audience interested in what you are writing.

10: Create your own e-book trailer: Digital videos and an ebook trailer can be created for content writers to help increase their marketing efforts. You can add the trailer to the sales page, Youtube, emails, and other social media channels as the release date approaches.

Like any other product or service you sell, you want your ebook to stand out, so take the necessary steps to make sure it does. If you use these tips to create your book, you will be the one to make all the sales!

Want to discover how to create a book that will bring you business?  Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you with writing a book for your business, or schedule a Book Profit Plan Session to explore the best options for you.

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