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Fresh Ideas Marketing is a boutique digital marketing firm where we help seasoned business owners like you who may be overwhelmed with marketing your business. If you have a limited perspective of what to do to bring attention to your business, are "boiling in your own soup" and can't seem to get out of a marketing rut, or if your business growth has slowed or become stagnant and you aren't sure what to do to reignite that growth, you're in the right place!. 

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Need Help with Your Marketing?

Dive into the future of your business with our leading-edge marketing consulting services. Harness the power of tailored strategies and innovative solutions to captivate your audience, elevate your market position, ignite sustainable growth, and get clients to choose you. Click to explore how we can transform insights into impactful actions and redefine your success

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Books by Donna Gunter

Make Them Choose You

Discover How to Become Business Famous In Your Community... An Authority So Respected... You May Have to Turn Away 90% of Your New Clients and Customers...Using the Most Powerful Marketing Tool in the World!

Brand Yourself as the Trusted Local Celebrity

Would you like to get more qualified leads for your business? How about having effortless sales conversations with prospects who come to you ready to buy? Discover how to become a local celebrity!

About Donna Gunter, Microbusiness Marketing Strategist

I help seasoned small business owners create marketing ideas and strategies that raise their visibility, broaden their reach, and grow their revenues.

As a business owner with 25 years of experience, I am the cure for you if you have run out of marketing creativity. I have a unique ability to sense or see the underlying scheme of things, whether it's like a blueprint to build something or an x-ray that shows hidden connections, and connect the dots at a deeper level. I make it really Easy. Enjoyable. Effective. Just like your marketing will be.

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