Top 7 Growth Hacks to Fast-Track Your Profits

Wouldn’t it be great to find some simple tricks or growth hacks that would help you leap ahead of your competitors and see your small business soar to new heights?

Well, I’ve got good news for you. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about growth hacks – little tricks you can use to fast-track your growth and increase your sales and profits. By definition, a growth hack is meant to be simple – something you can do right away. Sometimes, hacks are clever and weird, but sometimes, they’re well-documented things that small business owners overlook.

Let’s focus on the latter because I’m willing to bet you’re not doing some of these things.

Here are seven growth hacks that I think you need to start using – today.

#1: Use Content Upgrades to Grow Your List 

You know what an upgrade is. It’s something that allows you to increase the value or utility of something you’ve already purchased. In the case of a content upgrade, it’s a free piece of content that you use to attract new subscribers and leads.

Let’s say you have just published a killer blog post, but you have some content that you didn’t include. Maybe it’s more detail about one of your points. Perhaps it’s a list of tips and tricks.

Whatever it is, try offering it as a freebie at the end of your post. You can make it your call to action or even a popup that appears when people try to close the window or hit the back button. Something simple like “Enter your email to get a free growth hack cheat sheet” can help you grab readers’ attention and get their emails before they leave.

#2: Use Exit Intent Popups

Speaking of popups, you should be using them. I know, I know — they’re annoying, and some people use popup blockers.

So what?

Research shows that popups are effective, and exit-intent popups are ideal because they grab visitors’ attention at a crucial moment. Maybe they’ve looked at your product but balked at the price. A strategic popup offering a coupon or discount code could be the only impetus they need to stay on your site and buy your product.

My email marketing program, Birdsend, helps me create and control popups on my site.

#3: Retarget Your Visitors

What happens when someone visits your site and doesn’t complete your opt-in form or buy a product? If the answer is, “Nothing” then you’re missing out on a HUGE opportunity to give those visitors the nudge they need to take the next step.

Retargeting uses a tiny piece of code called a pixel to identify people who leave your site without taking a specified action. You can then show those people a retargeting ad based on what you want them to do. Some examples include:

  • Completing your opt-in form
  • Paying for items in their shopping cart
  • Scheduling an appointment

I recommend Facebook and Google retargeting for the best results. Facebook Pixel Helper, a Chrome extension, can help you determine if your Facebook pixel is installed correctly on your site.

#4: Prioritize Social Proof – Use Social Proof

Don’t underestimate the importance of social proof in the form of customer reviews, testimonials, and comments. According to Bright Local, 84% of consumers trust online reviews and testimonials as much as they would a personal recommendation from a friend.

I’m amazed by how many local businesses don’t highlight social proof on their websites as a growth hack. Your reviews and testimonials should be front and center, not hidden on some interior page. It’s not reasonable to expect your site’s visitors to go hunting for what they need. Make it easy for them to find it, and you’ll almost certainly see an increase in your conversions and sales.

I like to use Endorsal for all of my customer reviews and testimonials.

#5: Use Calls to Action on Social Media 

You wouldn’t create a landing page or publish a blog post without a call to action – or at least I hope you wouldn’t! But I’m always seeing social media posts from local businesses that don’t include a call to action. Don’t make the same mistake.

A call to action is needed because it tells the people who see your post what you want them to do next. Believe it or not, they may not know! Whether you want them to redeem a coupon, enter a contest, sign up for your list, or leave a comment, you need to tell them if you’re going to get the result you expect. They are not mind readers!

#6: Solicit Customer Feedback

Speaking of asking for things, when was the last time you asked your customers or clients for their opinions? I’m willing to get it’s been a while, and it’s time to end the drought.

Customer feedback is one of the most valuable things you can get. People want to tell you what they think of your business. If you wait for them to tell you, you’ll probably hear more negative feedback than positive because people are often more motivated to sound off about what they don’t like than they are about what they do.

So, whether you do it in a social media post, an email, or a survey, it’s time to start collecting information from your most valuable study group: your customers!

#7: Focus on Content Marketing

You’re probably tired of hearing me go on about content marketing. I’m mentioning it again here because while B2B companies are mostly on board with content marketing as a growth strategy, B2C companies are still slow to prioritize content marketing.

You don’t need to try all these things, but adding even one to your marketing mix can help you attract new customers and retain existing customers:

  • Social media posts
  • Blog posts
  • YouTube videos

You don’t need to be publishing new content every day for it to be effective. Doing one or two blog posts or Facebook posts per week is enough to get you started. If you’re not using social media at all, choose one site as your focus. I think you’ll be happy with the results.

These seven growth hacks aren’t rocket science. They’re things that you can start doing immediately to see an increase in your conversions and sales. Even choosing one can help you move in the right direction – so what are you waiting for? Go!

Which growth hack will you implement this week?

Need Help? We get it. Implementing even one of these growth hacks might be “just another one of those things” you don’t have time to do. We would be delighted to help. If you recognize how these little growth hacks can get you results for your business, we want to help you. Schedule a 1:1 Marketing Rescue Session to explore the best growth hacks for you.


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