10 Steps to Turn Your Podcast Interview Into a Book

If you have a podcast interview under your belt, you already have the content for a short book that you can use as a lead magnet for your business, since it’s pretty simple to turn your podcast interview into a book.

The best type of interview for a 50-page book will be one that is 45-60 minutes in length, without the intro and outtro portions of the interview. You can use a shorter interview, but typically you’ll need a minimum of 3000 words for a digital edition of your book, and most printers will mandate at least 25 pages for a print book, depending on the trim size you choose.

Here are the steps you need to take to turn your podcast interview into a book:

1. Have your podcast interview transcribed. There are some simple AI platforms that will do that for you, but I like to do as little editing as possible when I get an interview transcribed. You’ll want to seek out a transcription company that uses a human to provide the transcription. One I have used over the years is Rev.com.

2. Proofread the transcription. Even though you have hired a human transcriptionist, you’ll want to have someone proofread the transcription for you to ensure you have no typos. You can find a great proofreader on Fiverr.com.

3. Decide on your printed book size. The most common smaller book size that Amazon prints is 5″x8″. You can use Lulu.com for a smaller book, called a pocket book, which is 4.25″x 6.88″.

4. Write a book preface. In the preface, you want to give an overview of your interview and hit the highlights of what your interview will cover.

5. Include testimonials. When you’re using a book to promote your business, always include a page or two of client testimonials. This will help convince your readers that they can trust you.

6. Create your call to action. Your call to action might be to have someone call you, schedule an appointment for some type of free introduction session, or get on your mailing list with an opt-in offer, or some combination of all three. Determine what your call to action is most appropriate for the topic of your book.

7. Format the book. When you’re publishing a book, there’s a specific book format that you need to send to a printer. In my opinion, the easiest printer to deal with is Kindle Direct Printing, owned by Amazon, which handles both the digital and print versions of your book. You can find someone to format your book into the print size that you desire on Fiverr.com. Once you have the print formatting, that person should also be able to create the digital version of your book as well.

8. Create the back matter for your cover. Your print book will include a back cover, and you can include a short version of your author bio as a part of that cover, along with a summary of the book. Or, you can use your call to action on the back cover. That’s the joy of publishing your own book – you are only limited by your imagination!

9. Design your cover. Take a look at other book covers that appeal to you. Fiverr.com. has many book cover designers with various price points available for you to hire. You’ll want to be able to give your designer some ideas of covers that you like, as well as colors you want to use.

10. Upload your formatted book content and cover to your printing platform. Once you are happy with the formatting of the book interior and cover, it’s now time to upload the book to your printing platform and have a printed proof mailed to you. Once you receive the proof, you can make any modifications needed to the content or the cover.

When you’re happy with the final version of the book, order your first 20 copies and start passing them out to clients, family, colleagues, friends, or anyone who would be a good referral partner for your business.

By following this outline, you should be able to create a book from your podcast interview in as little as seven days.

If the learning curve seems too steep for you, I’ll be happy to interview you and turn that interview into a book or format an already existing interview into a book.

Click on the image below to see a recent interview that I turned into a book for a client.

The first step is to visit my online calendar and set up your customized and complimentary Book Profit Plan call. After completing some necessary information on this form, you will be sent to my online calendar to schedule your session.

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