Are You Failing to Keep Your Customers Engaged?

Just because a customer has walked through a door once, it's not guaranteed that they will return. Business owners often fail to take advantage of key digital resources that will maintain their customer relationships and strengthen customer loyalty.

One of the easiest ways to make more money in your business is to get your existing customers to come back more often and to buy more services/products from you.

The reason this is one of our favorite techniques is because it's one of the easiest to implement for a client. Most businesses already have a list of existing clients and their email addresses. Most of these existing clients already love the business and the products that they sell. They just need a subtle reminder to come back in and visit.

This can be done with a simple email newsletter that is sent out once a month. This newsletter functions to cut through all the noise of your existing customer's daily lives and remind them why they fell in love with you in the first place. 

Your Monthly Newsletter Actively Strengthens Customer Loyalty And Encourages Them To Come Back More Often Via Automated, Monthly Reach-out Campaigns

We employ a strategic approach that is simple, but powerful. It maintains your relevance to current customers, influencing them to continue working with you while strengthening their loyalty. Better yet, it prevents your customers from becoming easily stolen targets by your competition.

Our Newsletter Service Frees You And Your Staff From Unnecessary Distractions So They Can Focus On What They Do Best...(Serving Customers Inside Of Your Business)

There are a lot of components to running your business smoothly, and it requires the full attention of you and your trained staff. We remove all unnecessary distractions so that you can focus on providing top quality service to your clientele.

We write newsletters for our clients each and every month and the key is making sure that the email that you send out isn't something that is just the latest promotion. It has to be something they look forward to reading because it feels personal and because it helps them. 

We Write the Kind of Content That Gets Your Phone Ringing

These 4 things are the key to why the newsletters that we write end up driving so much extra business for our clients (without their customers feeling like they are being "sold to"), Here's how to write a great newsletter for your business:

#1: Open with something topical.
The first part of your email newsletter should be something that makes it easy for your readers to relate to you. When we write newsletters for our clients, we typically open up with something that is seasonal or has to do with a holiday that everyone in the area is celebrating. This establishes a bond early in the newsletter and opens the door for us to talk more about anything that follows.

#2: Teach them something in "x" number of steps.
The next section of our newsletter is all about teaching our audience something that will instantly impact their lives. This is something that relates to the time of year but also relates to our client's business and their expertise. This section is all about providing value but also about reminding existing customers why they trusted us in the first place.

#3: Remind them what you do daily.
Next we're going to slip in a little section where we talk about something going on in our business that relates to the first 2 sections that we just covered. This section is all about reminding them that the business is still there and still doing what they do every day.

#4: Call them to Action.
Finally, we tell them to call our business or come in to take advantage of an offer.

Here's What's Included in the Monthly Newsletter Package

Creation of newsletter header, footer and template

We will request your business logo and a headshot of you as the business owner. Once we create your newsletter header, footer and template, we will send those to you for your approval.

Writing and editing of newsletter content

Each month we sit down will write and edit your newsletter content, which will consist of one educational article and a call to action per issue. .We then send it to your customers with your name on it. The content we send out continues to brand you as the expert in your field to all of your customers and remind them that they need to come back and do more business with you.

We will also request your yearly promotional calendar that outlines what products you'll be promoting and when you'll be promoting those as well as any holiday-oriented special promotions you have planned. If you don't have that, we can work with you to create that.

One issue per month scheduled on the 10th of each month

Every month wen we publish one issue on the 10th of each month, the phone will start ringing and appointments will be booked.

Resend each issue to non-opens after 4 days

Four days after sending out the month's broadcast, we'll resend each issue to people who didn't open the initial email.

Monthly updating of list from your customer emails

Each month we ask you for a list of your new customer emails for the month and add those to your email list.

Email marketing software billable separately ($9-$29/month)

You will need to purchase marketing software separately and pay for that separately. This software houses your email list and is what is used to send your email newsletter. If you use our recommended solution, Birdsend, we will set that up for you at no additional cost. Birdsend runs from $9-$29/month depending on the size of your list.

Let Us Help You Look Amazing Each Month

Take a look at a sample newsletter here.

Monthly Newsletter Pricing Plans


You may cancel at any time - no contract required.



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