Thanks for your purchase of Fresh Ideas by Email.

Step 1. Getting Started

Please take a few minutes to read all the info on this page before closing out this page or before completing the form below.

Step 2. Rules of the Road

Send only one email per day and one question at a time. Each coaching day, Monday through Thursday, you are welcome to send one question that you'd like me to answer. If you send multiple questions, I won't be able to answer them. This is so that I can respect the other participants in the program.

Instead, create a running list of questions as they come to you. That way, you'll be able to take full advantage of the program by asking a question each day. If you need to give me background information on you or the situation before you ask the question, please do so. That can help me shape my answer, but do keep your questions clear and concise.

Send clear, concise and realistic questions. To get actionable answers from me, please do not send broad, open-ended questions. This means I won't be able to answer something like, "How do I make $50,000 in the next 6 months in my business?" or "Can you review my business plan?"

Every coaching day (Monday through Thursday), you'll get an email response or video response (sometimes video conveys the info quicker) from me with my answer to your most recent question. I answer within 48 hours, sometimes sooner.

Step 3.

To get the process started, I need some information about your business. Please take some time to fill out the intake form below.  Once you have completed the form, you'll be sent info on how to start emailing your questions.

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