Instructions for Starting Fresh Ideas by Email Program

Step 1. Sending your first email.

This program will take place via emails. Please send your first email to: emailconsult@freshideasmarketing.co.  Please note that the domain name is freshideasmarketing.co, not dot com. 

Step 2. My response.

 I will respond from my donna @ FreshIdeasMarketing.co email address. If I have a longer answer to your question, I may choose to hop on Loom, my screen share video recording program, to answer your question. You will be able to download the video answer or view it online.

Step 3. To be successful in this program....

Now is when the magic happens. You take action on the answers you receive from me. By the end of our work together, you should have concrete, positive results. In fact, your business may look totally different than it did when we started. Those great results, however, depend on how much action you take with the consulting you've received.

You guide the program. I'm here to help, but you will guide the conversation with your questions. If you want us to focus on achieving one goal in 30 days, that's great. Or, if you'd like to fire off your most pressing marketing questions in no particular order, that's fine, too. What we talk about will be up to you..

Take full advantage of the program. If you don't send me a question, you won't hear from me. If you decide to skip a day and not send in a question, you won't be able to make it up the following day. Setting a certain time each day to submit questions, like each morning at 9 a.m. or during your lunch break, could help. Remember to keep that running list of questions handy so that you will have a question to ask every single day of your program.

Realize that I'm not all-knowing. Though I'm an experienced small business marketing consultant, there may be some questions I can't answer for you. However, please don't worry. I won't leave you hanging. I will let you know that I can't answer and then try to point you to some resources that can help. These resources can be in the form of a tool, website or a fellow business owner who may be able to help.

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