Thanks for purchasing our Expert Profiles Publishing Package

Here's what happens next in this process:

Sign Expert Profiles Publishing Agreement

Within 24 business hours (Monday-Friday), you should get a copy of our Expert Profiles Publishing Agreement by email. Please read and sign electronically.

Complete Business Innovators Radio Interview Intake Form

Once we have received your completed agreement, you'll be asked to fill out a short intake form so that we can prepare for and schedule your 30-minute interview, which will be the basis for your chapter in the Expert Profiles book. 

Scheduling Your Interview

After we receive your Business Innovators Radio Interview Intake Form, we'll send you a link to schedule your interview.

Your List of Interview Questions

After you schedule your interview, we will create a customized list of questions for the interview and forward those to you. If there is a question you would like added to that list, please let us know so we can add it for the interview.

Your Interview

I will conduct your 30-minute interview in a question-and-answer format that will be recorded. The audio will be edited to remove any crosstalk, talk-overs, or re-takes.

Transcribing Your Interview for Your Chapter

We will transcribe and edit your interview for clarity and add your contact info to the document. We will then format it as it will be printed and send to you for approval.

Approve Your Chapter 

You will review your chapter and let us know if anything needs to be added or changed. We will make the changes and return to you for one final proofing. 

Ebook and Print Book Printing

The book containing your interview will be published on the date you were initially given. The ebook will be published first, followed by the print book about 2 weeks later.

Amazon Best-Seller Campaign

The Amazon Best-Seller Campaign will be conducted about two weeks after the ebook is published. The campaign will feature the ebook only, not the print book. We will take care of this campaign for you. If you'd like to participate, we'll be happy to provide social media posts and images and email text for you to notify your followers and email list about the event. 

National Media Release

We will create a national media release celebrating your participation as a contributor to a book that became an Amazon Best-Seller. The release will be submitted to affiliates of ABC, NBC, Fox, CW, etc. throughout the U.S.

Custom Book Ordering

Custom cover orders take about 30 days to fulfill and are available for an additional fee after the print book is published.

Publishing of Business Innovators Radio Interview

Your Business Innovators Radio Interview will be published and syndicated throughout our various syndication channels. You will receive a social media graphic to promote the interview as well as a link to download a copy.

Have questions?  Please send an email to support at FreshideasMarketing.co. 

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